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TRW Ball Joint; Front Lower | JBJ789

Audi A4 Quattro, A6 Quattro, Q5, A4, S4, A8 Quattro, A5 Quattro, S5, A6, A5
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Front Lower
2 per car.
Cross References:
  • 4G0407689
  • 8K0407689D
  • 8K0407689E
  • 8K0407689F
  • 8K0407689G

Ball joints are a type of joint, often used in automotive suspension systems, that allow for smooth forward and backward movement in 365° of direction. Automotive ball joints can be used to connect suspension control arms to steering knuckles to keep wheel alignment as the suspension ungulates while driving. Additionally, ball joints are used to connect sway bars and steering arms to the steering knuckle to limit body roll and to turn the front wheels while the wheels move up and down to match the road.

Other automotive uses for ball joints include:

  • transmission shifter linkages
  • window lifters
  • door locks
  • climate control actuator arms

Ball joints are made up of two primary components, a steel ball stud and a steel cup socket. The ball joint cup socket is grease filled for lubrication and a boot is used to cover the ball stub in the joint to prevent grease from escaping and the joint from drying out. Some cup sockets even have a rubber, plastic, or Teflon sleeve at the bottom of the cup for added cushioning of the ball.

Signs of Worn Out Ball Joints

Ball joint failure often occurs due to a lack of lubrication. Here are a few signs that could indicate worn out ball joints:

  • A clanking or banging noise coming from under your Audi
  • Loose steering
  • Excessive vibration
  • Uneven wear on your front tires

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Left = Driver side and Right = Passenger side.
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What This TRW Ball Joint Fits?

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10-11 - A4
09-09 - A4
Front ~ Body Type: Sedan
12-12 - A4
Front ~ Thru 8/15/2011
09-11 - A4 Quattro Base, Avant
12-12 - A4 Quattro Base, Avant
Front ~ Thru 8/15/2011
10-10 - A5 Cabriolet
12-12 - A5 Cabriolet
Front ~ Thru 8/15/2011
11-11 - A5 Cabriolet
For models with production date from 2/07/2011 through 8/15/2011 only.
08-11 - A5 Quattro Base, Cabriolet
12-12 - A5 Quattro Base, Cabriolet
Front ~ Thru 8/15/2011
12-12 - A6 Premium, Premium Plus
Front ~ Thru 8/15/2011
12-12 - A6 Quattro Premium, Premium Plus, Prestige
Front ~ Thru 8/15/2011
09-09 - A8 Quattro L
09-11 - Q5 Premium, Premium Plus, Prestige
12-12 - Q5 Premium, Premium Plus, Prestige
Front ~ Thru 8/15/2011
10-11 - S4
12-12 - S4
Front ~ Thru 8/15/2011
08-11 - S5 Base, Cabriolet
12-12 - S5 Base, Cabriolet
Front ~ Thru 8/15/2011