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Genuine Mercedes Rocker Arm | 2720500033

Mercedes E350, C300, C230, ML350, S550, GL450, GLK350, C280, E550, CLS550 & more
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P/N: 2720500033 Genuine Mercedes
Rocker Arms
G550. R350. E350. E550. S400. Cl550. Gl450. Gl550. Ml550. Ml450. Sl550. Ml350. Clk550. Cls550. Glk350. Clk350. To 5/2/08. To 3/3/08. To 03/03/2008. Slk280, slk350. 2.5l, 3.0l, 3.5l. S550, s550 4-matic. C300, c300 4-matic, c350.
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The rocker arms in the engine of your Mercedes are used to open and close the engine valves. The rocker arms ride on the shaft above the valves with half of the rocker arm over and in contact with the valve stem and the other half sitting on a hydraulic or mechanical valve lifter/cam follower or a pushrod. As the camshaft turns, lobes on the camshaft raise and lower the lifters and pushrods (if equipped) which in turn raise and lower the rocker arms in a teeter totter movement to open and close the engine valves.

Rocker arm failure can occur causing engine noise, a rough running engine, lack of performance, and engine stalling.

Replacing Your Mercedes Rocker Arm
Rocker arm replacement requires removing the valve cover. Rocker arm failure can be caused by faulty lifter/cam followers, and it is recommended to replace all rocker arms, rocker arm shafts, lifter/cam followers, and push rods if equipped at the same time to prevent future problems.

Failure of rocker arms can also be caused by stuck or sticking engine valves. Inspection of the engine valves and verification of engine valve movement is necessary to ensure proper function of all valves. Rocker arms damaged by a stuck or sticking valve will require the removal of the cylinder head to remove and replace the engine valves.

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06-07 - C230 Sport
06-07 - C280 4Matic, Luxury
08-11 - C300 4Matic Luxury, 4Matic Sport, Luxury, Sport
06-11 - C350 4Matic, Luxury, Sport
07-10 - CL550 Base, 4Matic
06-09 - CLK350
07-09 - CLK550
07-10 - CLS550
06-10 - E350 Base, 4Matic
07-11 - E550 Base, 4Matic
09-12 - G550
07-10 - GL450
08-10 - GL550
10-12 - GLK350 Base, 4Matic
09-10 - ML350
10-11 - ML450 Hybrid 4Matic
08-10 - ML550
06-11 - R350 Base, 4Matic, Bluetec 4Matic
10-13 - S400 Hybrid