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Mercedes Sprinter 2500 RWD, Sprinter 2500, Sprinter 2500 4WD, Sprinter 3500 RWD, Sprinter 3500, Sprinter 3500 4WD
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P/N: 0064666601 Bosch/ZF (OE Rebuilt) OEM
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  • KS01000633

The power steering pump is the heart of your steering assist system in your Mercedes. It pressurizes and pumps fluid into your vehicle's hydraulic steering system, allowing you to turn your wheels easily.

Power steering pumps are vane-style pumps turned by the engine's serpentine belt or an electric motor. They draw hydraulic fluid from the power steering reservoir, pressurize it, and pump it into the steering gear or rack and pinion. This pressured fluid pushes against a piston, the steering gear or rack amplifying the turning force of the steering shaft, making it easy to turn the front wheels, even at low speed.

Power steering pumps fail when they cannot build adequate pressure for the hydraulic steering system. Broken, worn, or stuck vanes inside the pump and leaking pump seals that allow air to replace the hydraulic fluid in the system are common reasons for a power steering pump to be unable to build pressure. In addition, worn bearings in power steering pumps can make the pump difficult to turn, reducing power steering pressure. Regularly changing your power steering fluid will help keep your power steering pump vanes and bearings lubricated, preventing the vanes from wearing or sticking.

A failed or failing power steering pump will cause your steering wheel to be stiff and the wheels to not be as responsive, making it difficult to steer your Mercedes. Failed or failing power steering pumps often have a grinding or whining sound indicating their failure. Most power steering pumps can usually be rebuilt with new vanes, bearings, and seals, and most manufacturers offer rebuilt power steering pumps at savings over new ones.

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14-14 - Sprinter 2500
15-17 - Sprinter 2500 4WD
15-17 - Sprinter 2500 RWD
14-14 - Sprinter 3500
15-17 - Sprinter 3500 4WD
15-17 - Sprinter 3500 RWD