Scholarship Opportunity from AutohausAZ

Scholarship Opportunity from AutohausAZ

1st place $1000, 2nd place $500, and 3rd place $250. Deadline July 31, 2020.

At AutohausAZ, we believe that every young adult should be given the opportunity for a bright and successful future by attending the university or college of his or her choice. Therefore, this is why we have decided to give all interested students the chance to apply and win cash (1st place $1000, 2nd place $500, and 3rd place $250) towards their education with our AutohausAZ Scholarship Essay.

The AutohausAZ Scholarship Essay is available to all students who are currently enrolled, or in the process of enrolling to an accredited college or university in the U.S. To enter, eligible students will be required to submit an essay by the chosen deadline. Details on eligibility and the step-by-step entry process are below.

Eligibility Requirements

Step-by-Step Scholarship Entry Process

1. Scholarship applicants can begin the entry process by writing an essay on any of the provided prompt choices. Each essay should be anywhere from 750-1000 words. [Prompt choices to follow]

2. When creating the title of your essay, follow this structure: [Your Title] |AutohausAZ Scholarship Essay | AutohausAZ

3. Aside from your essay, please submit a paragraph about yourself that includes some of your interests, life milestones, career aspirations, expected college major, and anything else you’d like us to know. This paragraph does NOT count toward the word count required for the essay.

4. Next, you’ll need to email your essay to . Be sure to include your:

5. Once the submission period expires, our judges will carefully read over each essay and select ten (10) finalists to move on to the second round. You will be notified via email if you have been selected as a finalist.

6. Our executive committee will review each of the 10 finalist essays and select ONE winner no later than 08/31/2020. The winner will be contacted by AutohausAZ when a selection has been made.


AutohausAZ will be grading all submitted essays by using a 1-5 point scale and the following criteria:

Focus - How effective were you at focusing on your main idea? Is it original and insightful?

Support - How effectively did you support the ideas you expressed?

Creativity - Were your ideas unique? Did you explain them in a creative way?

Organization - Is your essay easy to read, clear, and organized?

Style & Language - How well did you use vocabulary and style to enhance your essay?

Grammar - Are there spelling or grammar mistakes?


AutohausAZ Scholarship Essay Prompts

Last Day to Enter: 07/31/2020

1. Discuss the legendary history of BMW from its production of airplane engines to its role as a leading automotive manufacturer. Cite specific events and innovations, and how that led them to present day success.

2. Pick an automobile you feel has had the largest impact on both society and the automobile as we know it today. Explain how that vehicle came to be and how it impacted the vehicles we drive today.

3. Explain the role and importance of electric vehicles, citing specific makes and models, and the future of those types of vehicles. Include past, present, and prototypes in your discussion and what companies you think will lead the future of this industry.

4. Mercedes made the first vehicle that we today recognize as being a car when they made the Benz Patent-Motorwagen. Explain how the vehicle came to be produced and its impact on the history of automobiles. Discuss other early vehicles and how they paved the way for vehicles on the road today.

5. Using biodiesel instead of diesel has been an increasingly popular trend in the automotive industry. Discuss the effects of biodiesel on engine performances and emission, as well as the impacts on the environment as opposed to the rest of the automotive industry.

6. New technologies, materials, powertrains, and electronics are changing demands from consumers about the parts they buy as their automobiles have become far more complex than they were in the past. Explain how OEM auto parts manufacturers and suppliers have evolved in the last 2 decades to not only accommodate more demand but to achieve the higher quality expected.

7. Explain the history of All Wheel Drive (AWD) cars. Go into detail about the cars and the changes they brought to both the car racing and everyday driving world. Cite both the advantages and disadvantages that have evolved from the AWD system.