3 Epic Road Courses Located in the United States

3 Epic Road Courses Located in the United States

The United States is home to some of the best road racing courses in the world. Surprised? Well, you shouldn’t be. Although typically known for our oval race tracks, America boasts some of the sweetest and most awe-inspiring courses that are guaranteed to get your heartbeat racing and push your sense of adventure into overdrive.

Here are three of our favorites.

Road America

Opened September 1955 in Elkhart Lake, WI, this scintillating circuit is 4.05 miles and 14 turns of pure adrenaline. As one of the oldest in the country, the course has an incredible scenic backdrop that uses the natural landscape and elevation changes to add to the excitement. Although one of the longest in the U.S., drivers zip along and keep the spectating crowd on the edge of their seats. Fun fact: Road America was the track used in the 1969 film “Winning,” which started award-winning actor Paul Newman’s love of racing!

Watkins Glen

Established in 1953 in Watkins Glen, NY, this course can claim to be the birthplace of American sports car racing with a heritage that traces back to a hay-bale-lined village street in 1948. With two basic configurations, Watkins Glen has been updated several times throughout the years. A 2.45-mile short course is typically used for NASCAR races, whereas the longer, 3.37-mile version, with its 11 enthralling turns, hosts mostly sports car events.

The view from the course overlooks Seneca Lake and is breathtaking. Back in the day (the 1970s), this track even played host to some wild partying at a damp infield known as the Bog (now drained) which often lead to rioting and the destruction of privately-owned cars. These days, the partying has chilled out a bit, but Watkins Glen can still generate a ton of excitement.

Road Atlanta

Born in 1970 in Braselton, GA, this race track is 2.54 miles of thrilling terrain. With its 12 heart-pounding turns, Road Atlanta is an absolute blast to drive and boasts an extremely fast track. Although you might feel like you’re on the set of an old western movie, the course is under 50 miles away from bustling downtown Atlanta. An interesting fact to note about Road Atlanta is that in merely six months, an open field became this renowned race track after Can-Am officials awarded the Bridgehampton race to Road Atlanta’s founders.

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