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Bosch Fuel Pressure Sensor | 0261230238

Land Rover LR2
Volvo V70, XC90 AWD, XC70, S60, S80, XC90, C30, C70, S40, S60 AWD & more
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P/N: 0261230238 Bosch OEM
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  • 0261230238000
  • 31251447
  • 31272732
  • LR015294
Newer electronic fuel injection systems improve evaporative emissions by eliminating the fuel return line to the fuel tank. Without this fuel return line, there is less used fuel that can evaporate and potentially escape into the atmosphere. Additionally, absent the fuel return line there is no fuel pressure regulator used to bleed off unneeded fuel pressure, but rather a fuel pressure sensor on the injection rail that signals the fuel pump how much fuel needs to be supplied. If this sensor fails, the fuel pump will continue to operate using a predetermined set of parameters that can cause poor fuel economy, poor accelerations, engine surging and stalling, hard starting, or even the engine to not start.
    This 0261230238 Bosch fuel pressure sensor is a direct original equipment replacement for the fuel pressure sensor used by Volvo on the 2008-2013 C30, 2006-2013 C70, 2004-2011 S40, 2011-2016 S60, 2007-2015 S80, 2005-2011 V50, 2015-2016 V60, 2008-2010 V70, 2010-2016 XC60, 2008-2016 XC70, and 2007-2014 XC90 models, as well as by Rover on the 2008-2012 LR2 models. Bosch is the leading manufacturer of fuel system components, ignition parts, sensors, electric motors, alternators, lighting components, and starters for European auto manufacturers. They provide innovative concepts and solutions to meet and beat ever increasing industry standards for safety and fuel efficiency. In addition, Bosch parts are found on more cars, trucks, and commercial vehicles worldwide than any auto parts manufacturer.
Bosch is the world's largest supplier of components to the automotive industry. The Bosch product line includes alternators & starters, brakes, electronic controls and sensors, fuel system parts and management, ignition system components, and steering system components. All Bosch automotive parts are either OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or made to their specs as a replacement part for the OEM unit.
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Land Rover
08-12 - LR2 Base, HSE, HSE Lux, SE
On fuel rail
08-12 - C30 T5, T5 R-Design
On fuel rail
06-13 - C70 T5
On fuel rail
11-11 - S40 T5, T5 R-Design
On fuel rail
01-15 - S60 2.4T, 2.5T, 2.5T AWD, AWD, R & more
On fuel rail
06-15 - S60 AWD 2.5T, T5, T5 Platinum, T5 Premier, T5 Premier Plus
On fuel rail
06-15 - S60 FWD 2.5T, T5, T5 Platinum, T5 Premier, T5 Premier Plus
On fuel rail
04-15 - S80 2.5T, 2.5T AWD, 3.2, T5, T6 & more
On fuel rail
11-11 - V50 T5, T5 R-Design
On fuel rail
15-15 - V60 AWD T5, T5 Platinum, T5 Premier, T5 Premier Plus
On fuel rail
15-15 - V60 Cross Country T5
On fuel rail
15-15 - V60 FWD T5, T5 Platinum, T5 Premier, T5 Premier Plus
On fuel rail
01-10 - V70 2.4T, 2.5T, 2.5T AWD, 3.2, AWD & more
On fuel rail
10-15 - XC60 3.2, T6, T6 R-Design
On fuel rail
10-15 - XC60 AWD 3.2, 3.2 R-Design, T6, T6 Ocean Race
On fuel rail
10-15 - XC60 FWD 3.2, 3.2 R-Design, T6, T6 Ocean Race
On fuel rail
08-12 - XC70 3.2, T6
On fuel rail
11-12 - XC70 AWD 3.2
On fuel rail
11-12 - XC70 FWD 3.2
On fuel rail
05-11 - XC90 V8, V8 Ocean Race, V8 Sport
On fuel rail