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Bosch Mass Air Flow Sensor | 0280218088

Volvo V70, S60, XC90 AWD, S80, XC70, S60 FWD, XC90 FWD, C70, S60 AWD
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P/N: 0280218088 Bosch OEM
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  • BS31342362
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The Bosch name is synonymous with automotive technology. With over 130 years of experience, nearly every vehicle has some Bosch designed part installed on it. The Bosch mass airflow sensors are OEM or of OEM design and are calibrated to ensure maximum efficiency. A MAF sensor tells your engine’s computer controls how much air is being taken in to precisely match to the fuel injection system for optimum power and efficiency. Over time these sensors can become contaminated or require replacing and as an OEM supplier the replacement Bosch mass airflow sensor will be an exact fit.
    The mass air flow sensor on your Volvo measures the density of the air entering the engine so the engine control unit can determine how much fuel the engine needs based on driver demand. It functions by using a heated wire inside the sensor that is cooled by the air flowing over it. The cooler the air is, the denser it is and the more it can cool the hot wire in the sensor. This is important too for the engine computer to be able to accurately determine exactly how much fuel should enter the cylinders to be completely burned, maximizing performance, and reducing emissions. Failure of the mass air flow sensor can happen in a couple of ways. One way is a simple electrical failure of the sensor. When this happens, no reading is sent to the engine computer and the engine will run off predetermined parameters, a fault will be stored, and your check engine light will come one. Another way for the mass air sensor to fail is contaminants from the air entering the engine collect on the hot wire in the sensor. When this happens, the hot wire becomes insulated and the sensor will think the air entering the engine is warmer than it is and not as dense, causing the engine computer to think less fuel is needed, and the engine to lose power and run lean increasing emissions. This Bosch 0280218088 is an original equipment direct replacement for your 2003-2004 C70, 2002-2009 S60, 2004-2006 S80, 2002-2007 V70, 2003-2007 XC70, and 2003-2006 XC90. Bosch is the leading manufacturer of fuel system components, ignition parts, sensors, electric motors, alternators, lighting components, and starters for European auto manufacturers, providing innovating concepts and solutions to meet and beat ever increasing industry standards for safety and fuel efficiency.
Bosch is the world's largest supplier of components to the automotive industry. The Bosch product line includes alternators & starters, brakes, electronic controls and sensors, fuel system parts and management, ignition system components, and steering system components. All Bosch automotive parts are either OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or made to their specs as a replacement part for the OEM unit.
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What This Bosch Mass Air Flow Sensor Fits?

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03-04 - C70
04-04 - C70
Engine VIN: 63
02-04 - S60 2.4T, AWD, T5
04-07 - S60 2.5T, 2.5T AWD, R
Engine VIN: 59
08-09 - S60 AWD 2.5T
06-07 - S60 AWD 2.5T
Engine VIN: 59
08-09 - S60 FWD 2.5T
06-07 - S60 FWD 2.5T
Engine VIN: 59
01-01 - S80 2.9
04-04 - S80 2.9, T6
Engine VIN: 92
00-00 - S80 2.9
From 08/2000
01-04 - V70 2.4T, AWD, T5, X/C
04-07 - V70 2.5T, 2.5T AWD, R
Engine VIN: 59
03-07 - XC70 Base, Ocean Race, X/C
03-06 - XC90 AWD Base, 2.5T
03-06 - XC90 FWD Base, 2.5T