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These days, any person who drives a car and lives in the U.S. may be in shock every time he or she needs to make a visit to the gas pump. But over in Europe, they've been paying three to four dollars per gallon for gasoline for decades. It's for this reason that many Europeans have traditionally favored small, gas-sipping vehicles over larger vehicles, such as the Austin (now the BMW) Mini. Next to Ford's Model T, the Mini Cooper is considered one of the most significant automotive designs of the 20th century.

A Mini History of the Mini Cooper

The first Mini Cooper was launched in 1959 and was created in direct response to the soaring gas prices that followed after the World War II Suez Crisis. The original Mini Cooper was designed and developed to have two doors, a four-cylinder engine, and a monocoque shell. The car's head developer, Alec Issigonis, pushed the wheels all the way to the corners of the Mini Cooper and placed the engine sideways in order to make the relatively smaller vehicle more spacious for riders. At first, this little box-shaped, two-door Mini Cooper was baffling to Britain, only to be later accepted as a real emblem of its time.

If you've ever seen British comedian Rowan Atkinson as Mr. Bean, you've seen the classic Mini Cooper as it was built between 1959 and 2000. Since then, the Mini Cooper has been updated and produced by BMW.

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Mini Cooper Repair and Maintenance Guide

If you own a Mini Cooper or are considering purchasing one, you can keep your gas-sipping vehicle running at peak efficiency by using the proper Mini Cooper parts and changing them as recommended by the manufacturer. Aside from regular oil changes and lube service, it's important that the air filter is kept clean. If you allow it to get dirty, your vehicle may wind up wasting up to 5% of its fuel. Older model Minis with 70,000 – 100,000 miles on the odometer, will require a variety of OEM Mini Cooper parts if you want your vehicle running at its best. These Mini Cooper parts include electrical components like plug wires, the alternator, and even the starter.

These Mini Cooper parts that are OEM don't have to be expensive because you can get them at a discount right here at Nowadays, fixing your car, no matter what kind it is, ends up being a huge investment that can sometimes cost thousands of dollars. We're here to tell you that the better maintained your Mini Cooper is, the longer it will serve you. Don't put off your scheduled maintenance one second longer – it will only cost you more in terms of repairs later on!

Common Repair Issues Mini Cooper Owners Face

Most car enthusiasts can agree that a Mini Cooper is a fun, little car to drive. However, like all other cars on the market, Mini Coopers have some common repair issues that owners need to take note of. So, before you buy this unique vehicle, read below and get ready to service your Mini Cooper if should you come across one of these problems.

  • Transmission: Problems with a Mini Cooper's automatic transmission boils down to manufacturers suggesting that the car's transmission does not require fluid changes. In reality, Mini Cooper transmissions that go without fluid changes tend to fail early. You can save thousands of dollars in repairs by changing your car's transmission fluid every 30K - 40K miles. You can even browse the AutohausAZ online catalog to buy all of your Mini Cooper parts today.
  • Clutch: The Mini Cooper clutch is another item that frequently fails mostly because vehicle owners are rough when using it. If you are experiencing clutch failure and need a new clutch kit fast, browse our online catalog for genuine Mini Cooper parts.
  • Water Pump & Thermostat Housing Leak: If your Mini Cooper auto has more than 50,000 miles, AutohausAZ recommends you replace its water pump and thermostat. Replacing these Mini Cooper parts before a leak is found can save you hundreds of dollars on labor and repair costs.

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