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The "people's car" has been around for nearly a century. Today, VW parts are the most popular auto parts available as the vehicle sales worldwide have topped all other brands since 2016. The roots of the iconic brand date back to Wolfsburg Germany right before the invasion of Poland in the late 1930s. During wartime, VW factories were bombed, and production halted, leading many to consider the true start of the brand to be in post-war West Germany. Heinrich Nordhoff came over from another popular German brand of the time, Opel, and began putting his stamp on the VW brand. Out of this came the introduction of the VW Beetle and the VW Karmann Ghia sports car. It was not until VW of America was established in the mid-50’s that the VW Beetle was popularized and sold to the masses.

The air-cooled VW Beetle of the 60s, quite possibly one of the most recognizable cars on the planet, came with only 36 horsepower! Imagine that, there are performance VW parts now that can add more horsepower than the entire drivetrain produced in the 1960s. The fuel-rich air-cooled engines began falling out of favor due to the increased emissions and reduced MPG by the 70s. By acquiring Auto Union and NSU Motorenwerke, VW began the process of discontinuing the Beetle and replacing it with a new line of VWs. This new consortium of Auto Union and NSU, would be the beginning stages of the Audi brand. With the help of Audi group, VW was able to transition to water-cooled engines and began the development of the front-wheel drive Passat, Scirocco, Polo, and the VW Golf.

Here at AutohausAZ, we’ve been providing genuine online VW OEM parts and accessories for Volkswagen vehicles since 1979, and now with the added convenience of our online catalog, it’s easier than ever to buy VW parts online!

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Most Popular VW Parts

Volkswagen Parts for DIYers, Skip the Mechanic Prices

Whether you’re a VW Jetta owner or a VW Golf MK3 driver, when your check engine light comes on this should be your next stop for VW parts. Volkswagen parts are much easier to find online nowadays, but places like Ebay may be advertising Genuine OEM VW parts when they’re actually used or warranty parts. AutohausAZ sells only OEM VW parts from brands like; Mann filters, Bosch spark plugs, Beru distributor caps, Liqui Moly oil at all viscosities, and Genuine VW parts direct from the dealership where your VW Corrado came from. Replace your VW hub today for less money, we stock all the OEM wheel bearings and hub assemblies from Fischers Aktien-Gesellschaft (FAG.) Many of our VW parts customers have been shopping with us since 2000. For 22 years online, and many more years to come, VW parts online will be our core business. We are continually striving for ways to get the parts to you faster and for less. Inflation shouldn’t impact your daily driver, keep your VW R32 running longer with VW parts from AutohausAZ.

Buy VW Parts Online

Our extensive online catalog of VW parts curates the parts you need no matter which Volkswagen model you sit behind the wheel of. We stock VW OEM parts and accessories at cheap prices for any repair job so you can spend less time under your VW and more time on the road. Shop with confidence 24/7 with AutohausAZ.

Some of the more popular VW parts in our online catalog include:

  • VW Emblems
    Looking to replace the old or dirty VW emblems on your ride? AutohausAZ has the best selection of VW emblems for the hood or trunk of your Volkswagen. Save time and money and grab your next set of emblems from us.
  • VW Coolant
    Regularly replacing the coolant in your Volkswagen is a necessary procedure in keeping your cooling system functioning properly. Remove any stress of buying VW coolant by having it shipped directly to your door.
  • VW Floor Mats
    Keep the interior of your Volkswagen looking fresh with genuine replacement VW floor mats. Save money and shop our selection of floor mats 24/7.
  • VW Timing Belts
    Using an OEM VW replacement timing belt will ensure you’ve got the right size belt while lasting until your next recommended timing belt change. AutohausAZ stocks a wide selection of VW OEM timing belts to get you back out on the road.
  • VW Alternators
    Alternators generally do not last through the lifespan of a vehicle. Our online catalog features a vast selection of VW alternators including many OEM parts. Take advantage of our “Vehicle Select Tool” to ensure the alternator you order will fit your vehicle.
  • VW Engine Oil
    Buying VW engine oil online is a breeze with AutohausAZ. With brands such as Liqui Moly, Total Quartz, Motul, and more we make it easy to find your preferred engine oil at discount pricing.
  • VW Fuel Pumps
    A failing fuel pump often needs immediate replacing. Our catalog of OEM VW fuel pumps are made to be exact fits delivering the exact amount of fuel your VW’s engine needs to function properly. Shop with confidence when buying your VW fuel pump replacement.
  • VW Transmission Fluid
    Having VW transmission fluid shipped directly to your doorstep is a game changer. In addition to our discount pricing, our team expertly packages and ships all transmission fluid products in a vacuum sealed pouch to ensure proper transportation.

Volkswagen CC

The VW comfort coupe was designed by Oliver Stefan. It originally was introduced as a variant to the widely popular VW Passat. For roughly 10 years spanning 2008-2017 VW coupe enthusiasts could choose from a 1.4L TSI, 1.8L TSI, 2.0L TSI, 2.0L TDI, or the VR6 engine 3.6L 4motion. While the VW CC was quite popular in its earlier iterations, sales for the VW CC tapered worse than any other predecessor. The CC went from 29,000 units sold in the US in 2011 to merely 59 in 2019! Autohaus offers replacement VW CC struts and coil springs in addition to VW CC brakes and pad sets from Brembo.

Volkswagen New Beetle

The popularity of the VW Beetle and Super Beetle in the 60s and 70s prompted the German car manufacturer to revisit the discontinued model in 1998. Although initially marketed to females, it came with a flower in the cupholder, the model is now quite popular with Gen Y males. Performance parts for the VW Beetle are readily available and give the unassuming compact car quite a disguise on the track. Track ready Beetles are colloquially referred to as Ragsters.The large round tail lights and running boards are easy to spot on the New Beetle along with the rounded roof. The 2 most commonly replaced aftermarket VW Beetle parts are the Sachs clutch kit K7003802F & various cooling system components like the OEM Graf water pump 06H121026DR.

VW Jetta

The VW Jetta has solidified itself as the most popular VW sedan the Euro car company has created. First introduced in 1979 to replace the Golf hatchback, the Jetta is now on its 7th generation. The Mark 2 was the longest running Jetta and recipient of the best-selling car in North America in 1991. The Jetta sat 5 vs. the 4-person capacity of the Mark 1. In 2007 a 1986 turbo diesel Mark 2 was located with half a million miles on it! Perhaps the 3rd generation Jetta carries the most meaning for VW of Germany as it kept the car manufacturer from pulling the plug on North American sales. This best-selling VW had improved aerodynamics and a reduced drag coefficient which allowed for a sportier ride. Many Jetta owners remember the worldwide recall of 2011 due to issues with the fuel injector lines. Though many vehicles were successfully updated, VWs still exist on the road that weren’t taken in. Be sure to check your fuel injectors and injector lines if you’ve owned or purchased a late 2000s Jetta. AutohausAZ offers fuel injector kits for VWs.

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